Individual Therapy

Perhaps you are struggling with the pain of depression, trauma, significant life transitions, grief and bereavement, or the debilitating effects of racial discrimination that pile up over a time.

Maybe you feel empty, unlovable, not good enough, helpless/powerless in situations, or feel that the world is not a safe place. Let’s work through these thoughts together, so that you can be the best version of yourself. The specific areas addressed may vary depending on the individual’s needs, but they can include:

Problem Solving: One of my roles is help clients examine their challenges and develop strategies to overcome obstacles, make decisions, and achieve desired goals.

Emotional Support: I provide a safe and supportive space where my clients can express their emotions, discuss their concerns, and receive validation and empathy.

Relationship Issues: Counselling often addresses relationship challenges, which can include family dynamics, friendships, or workplace relationships. I can provide guidance, communication strategies, and conflict resolution techniques to improve these relationships.

It’s Important to note that while counselling services can provide valuable support, they are not a substitute for medical treatment. In cases where individuals require medication or specialized medical interventions, I work in conjunction with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care.

Family Therapy

Family Counselling: This involves working with you individually or as a family unit, addressing relationship patterns, and conflicts within the family system. My role is to assist you understand each other’s perspectives, improve communication, and develop healthier ways of relating. We shall work together to identify areas for improvement, explore new coping strategies, and strengthen the bonds that connect your family.


Life Transitions and Adjustments: Supporting families through significant life transitions such as relocation, loss of a family member, divorce, or any other major life change. I will provide emotional support, coping strategies, and guidance to help you and your family navigate these transitions successfully.

Communication and Problem-Solving Skills: My work will involve assisting you develop effective communication patterns and problem-solving skills. This may include teaching active listening, assertiveness, and conflict resolution techniques that promote healthy and respectful communication within the family.

Referrals and Collaborations: Families often require additional support from other professionals or community resources. My role is to make suitable referrals and collaborate with other experts, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, or community organizations, to ensure you and your family receive comprehensive care.

Whether it’s resolving conflicts or enhancing overall family well-being, I am committed to guiding you towards greater harmony, understanding, and resilience. Let’s work together to create a nurturing and loving family environment where each member can thrive and find serenity in their lives.