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Generally, counseling is a professional service that provides support, guidance, and a safe space for individuals to explore their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. It involves a confidential relationship between a trained counselor or therapist and a client, with the goal of promoting personal growth, and resolving issues or challenges.


Serenity Seekers Counselling and Consulting focuses
on helping individuals and families find serenity and
peace in their lives.

Maybe you feel empty, unlovable, not good enough, helpless/powerless in situations, or feel that the world is not a safe place. Let’s work through these thoughts together, so that you can be the best version of yourself.

Christine Nabukeera,


Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW).

(She / Her)

Working with clients from
black and racialized

Providing counselling services to individuals from the various Black and Racialized and communities requires an understanding of their unique experiences, cultural backgrounds, and the systemic challenges they may face. Here are some key considerations:

• Culturally Competent Approach:

It has been important for me to educate myself about cultural nuances, historical context, and some of the experiences of individuals from any of these communities. This knowledge helps me to create a safe and inclusive space for the client, and it allows both of us to approach therapy with cultural sensitivity.

• Addressing Racial Trauma:

Many individuals from the various communities may have experienced racial trauma from discrimination. I have the skills necessary to address these issues, validate the experiences of my clients, and provide support for healing and resilience.

• Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism Work:

I have actively engaged in my own anti-bias and anti-racism training. This has involved examining my own biases, challenging stereotypes, and gaining a deeper understanding of how systemic racism can impact mental health. By doing so, I am well prepared to offer a more empathetic and supportive therapeutic environment.

• Intersectionality:

I recognize that individuals from various communities have diverse identities and may experience multiple forms of marginalization or privilege based on factors such as age, gender, sexuality, or socioeconomic status. I regularly consider how these intersecting identities influence our experiences, and how we adapt or reconstruct identities to survive in the workplace or in new environments.

• Representation:

Individuals may benefit from working with those who are from similar cultural backgrounds. Representation matters in therapy, as it can enhance trust, understanding of our collective trauma, and a shared sense of identity.

• Community Collaboration:

My work involves building partnerships with local organizations and community leaders to help us better understand the specific needs and resources available in the community. Collaboration with stakeholders can improve the overall effectiveness of the services I provide.

It is important to treat and assess everyone’s needs on a case-by-case basis. Ongoing professional development, cultural humility, and a commitment to self-reflection are vital for providing counselling services to all clients.

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